Game Faust


An escape game is an entertaining and educational game which can test your team’s skills. The aim is to get out of an enclosed room in 60 minutes by solving a mystery consisting of a series of quizzes, codes and mysterious messages. You need neither special skills nor knowledge. Use only your imagination, intuition and common sense and overcome yourselves.

Escape games have become a phenomenon which is coming to the Czech Republic now. Escape games originated in computer games but it is much more exciting to exchange a virtual world for the real one. Do not miss this interactive entertainment of the future.


The game FAUST ENIGMA will lead you into the mystic history of a famous scientist and alchemist who sold his soul to the Devil. Save his soul from Hell and follow his steps in history. There is only one way how to redeem Faust’s soul. Time flies fast and the Devil Mephistopheles is spreading his wings again. Set off for the world of legends and mysteries. Experience one hour in this captivating story with all your senses.

The escape game FAUST ENIGMA is made up so that you would learn something about one of the oldest mythological stories and at the same time you would try your abilities to work in a team when pressed for time. Our ESCAPE GAME attacks all your senses, your consciousness and subconscious as well.


The escape game FAUST ENIGMA is for everybody who likes playing. Apart from playing the game, you can learn something new and use your abilities and skills in situations and under conditions that you cannot experience in a real life. You can practice and improve your imagination, intuition and logical reasoning. The game is an excellent team building activity – everybody is good at something else and the point of the game is to learn how to cooperate effectively. It doesn’t matter if your team consists of your family members, your colleagues or your friends. We have to point out that ESCAPE GAME FAUST ENIGMA is made up for the entertainment of adults and it is not suitable for very young children. Children up to the age of eighteen need an adult company to play and enjoy the game to its full potential. Our escape game is also an outstanding extra activity for tourists in Prague who are interested in Czech history and culture.

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