Price list

Price for 60 minutes of the game: 1200,- CZK / team (2-5 persons)
Price for 60 minutes of the game: 1500,- CZK / team (6 persons)

We won’t prevent 6 people from playing the game if you wish to do so, but in our opinion, we recommend the maximum of 5 people to play the game.

You can pay by credit card, by bank transfer or use your vouchers.

Our Terms and Conditions:

You pay for the game as a team, not as individual members. Booking has to be completed before the game. You can play from 10am to 11pm at the address of the company ENIGMA Prague, in its place of business which is in Prague 5 - Smíchov, the street Svornosti 888/18, in the basement of the house. One game lasts 60 minutes. After you book the game online, you will pay either by credit card or by bank transfer. The game is booked for you at the moment when your payment is credited to the ENIGMA bank account. This credited amount is non-returnable. If your game has been paid by a voucher, your booking is immediately valid. In case you need to change your already booked time and date which has been paid, it is possible to change it by a mutual telephone agreement or by sending us an e-mail. 48 hours in advance. Change the term is possible only once. If more than 5 players arrive, it is possible to pay the difference in cash on the spot.

It is necessary to arrive at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the game so that you could get a basic introductory lecture about rules of the game before the beginning of the game. Your delay could rob your team of precious minutes that could potentially be the decisive moments leading to your victory. Unfortunately, it is not possible to postpone your time schedule because of other teams.

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